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Schneider Electric

It is with great pleasure that we announce to you our recent partnership with Schneider Electric for the Prisma Range of LT Panels. Prisma is an international range of IEC61439-1 & 2 certified functional LT boards from the stable of Schneider Electric. Prisma has an elegant 2 door design and over 12 type tests have been conducted successfully.

Training of Managers

KA places lot of importance on soft skills apart from technical skills. Our Director, Pramod Balaji, a certified trainer of a psychological model called Process Communication Model trained a set of managers for 2 days on the basics.

Visit of Mr Wolfgang Sommer

KA recently contacted Mr Wolfgang Sommer of Senior Experten Services, Germany to visit us in India and audit us. Mr Sommer, a retired industry veteran from Germany was very kind to accept our invitation and spent 3 weeks with us at our facility. He focused on our current systems and processes and suggested very valuable changes which are under implementation. He also guided us on the extra documentation that was required for achieving the latest IEC 61439-1/2 standards. Photo and Compliance certificate