Power Distribution

KA is one of the oldest and respected Panel Builder from Chennai. Over the years, our Power and Control panels have been supplied and commissioned across India and the globe for various industries. Over the years we have conducted multiple successful type tests for our products at government laboratories which re-enforces our design and product performance. Our entire engineering is done on E-Plan which vastly improves our engineering outputs and reduces errors.
We also offer panels in FORM 4A & 4B, FORM 3A & 3B and FORM 1A and 1B. We also support our customers with commissioning activities at site and have vast experience in commissioning Variable Frequency Drives for different applications like Fans, Pumps, Cranes, etc. KA takes pride in being one of the few system integrators to have successfully supplied and commissioned a 1.2 MW drive system. Over the years, KA has built a reputation of being the preferred supplier for large drive systems across different industry verticals. With cumulative experience, our engineers are very knowledgeable in commissioning drive and soft starter systems.
Our product range is as below:

  • Control Panels
  • Rittal Certified IEC61439-1/2 Panels
  • Soft Starter Panels
  • Variable Frequency Drive Panels (VFD Panels)
  • Distribution Boards
  • Welding and Power Socket Boxes
  • Junction Boxes
  • Push Button Stations
  • KA Certified IEC61439-1/2 Panels