E-Houses – Prefabricated Electrical House

Our products, systems, and solutions for low and medium-voltage make power distribution efficient, reliable and safe. Our solutions are custom built depending on site, machine and equipment requirements to ensure ease of use and maintenance at the plant. Over the years, we have worked with major global machine builders for various machines like Stackers, Reclaimers, Ship Loaders and Ports.


Cost-effective: The purchase of an E-House spares you from dealing with planning, controlling and complex civil works, as well as with crafts on site and construction risks.
Fast-to-install: An E-House arrives at your site ready for “plug, commission and play”. This really speeds up your lead time.
Flexible: You can choose from several E-House types according to your application requirements, and equip them with exactly the products you need.
Modular design: Various E-House types allow for tailor-made solutions that can easily be expanded or moved to another location.
Improves environment: Health and Safety (EHS) performance The pre-fabricated modules enable reducing manpower on site, thus improving the EHS performance, saves time and money.